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Replies of Mauritius to the list of issues


Committee on the Rights of the Child
Sixty-eighth session
12–30 January 2015
Item 4 of the provisional agenda
Consideration of reports of States parties

List of issues in relation to the combined third
to fifth periodic reports of Mauritius

Replies of Mauritius to the list of issues* **  
                                                                                                        [Date received: 3 November 2014]
Part I

1. Please clarify to what extent the “Working Together” framework has improved
coordination between the different government departments and institutions at all
levels and indicate whether the State party envisages establishing a high-level
coordination mechanism with a view to ensure adequate coordination of the
implementation of the Convention. Please also assess the impact of the Human Rights
Monitoring Committee under the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development
and Family Welfare on the enjoyment of child rights.
1. The “Working Together” concept provides for bringing in together all stakeholders
in children matters and promotes discourse on holistic child policy matters. It also provides
a forum for the elaboration of Memoranda of Understanding regarding means and ways to
collaborate in the handling of child abuse in an efficient and effective manner.
2. Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) have been signed between the Ministry of
Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare and 8 stakeholders forming part
of the “Working Together” Committee; namely:
                        (i) Prime Minister’s Office (Civil Status Division);
* The present document is being issued without formal editing.
** Owing to word-limit constraints, the information submitted in response to the issues raised in part III
of the list of issues is contained in annexes that can be consulted in the files of the secretariat.